“Where are all those Democrats who claim to be supporters of abortion rights?”

In reading about the life of Wichita, Kan., physician George Tiller, who was killed in May by an antiabortion maniac, I was reminded again of an abiding truth: Doctors who perform abortions for desperate women are courageous, moral agents for good…

The subject of this article doesn’t just apply to reproductive rights and women’s health.  Where are the brave, thoughtful, strong women and men we elected, who SHOULD be speaking up collectively, NOT holding their tongues, NOT worrying about the press and the polls?

I know elections are coming.  Yes, I completely agree there are times that people learn new information and reach a new conclusion.  But come on…that’s not the case with women’s health and reproductive rights.  We know what many of our officials think (and they’re with us); so why can’t they speak up…especially when we have a “friendly” environment in the Halls of Congress and in the White House?

Most often, people won’t stand up because it’s hard – I’m guilty of that, too, so I understand.  But I want to be able to count on my elected officials to stand up for ‘we the people’ when the issue is tough, possibly unpopular, and just plain not fun.

And it’s my job and your job to hold our officials accountable…AND to prop them up and let them know we’re behind them so they will take a stand for us.

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