Our Issues

MN NOW has actively worked to change the political, social, economic and cultural landscape for women in Minnesota. Our primary emphases are:

1. ratification of an unamended Equal Rights Amendment
2. repeal of all laws restricting safe, legal abortion
3. protection of lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender civil rights
4. eliminating racism
5. freedom from violence
6. economic justice

Learn more about what we do at www.mnnow.org.

One thought on “Our Issues

  1. Equal Rights Amendment. Passage will be tough with the new makeup of the legislature. The Star Tribune did a great job with a series of articles regarding obstacles faced by female veterans. Many of the issues that surfaced would have been forbidden under a federal ERA. However the articles could provide good lobbying fodder for MN CAFE on the state ERA proposal, as state agencies were also involved.


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