The Fight For LGBT Rights In MN: Pride All Year Long

Though the Twin Cities’ weekend-long Pride Festival has drawn to colorful close (check out this photo essay by Tony Nelson if you weren’t able to celebrate the festival in person!), there are still many ways to support and continue the spirit of Pride all year long. Whether you’re interested in attending more events like the Pride Festival, becoming more active in Minnesota’s LGBTQIA community, or simply learning more about social activism, we’ve compiled a handy list of resources for you to celebrate Pride all year long.

While the Twin Cities’ Pride Festival is one of the larger celebrations of Pride in Minnesota, it is certainly not the only Pride event that takes place during the year. In fact, the Twin Cities Pride website has a full calendar of Pride-related events for interested LGBTQIA community members and allies: upcoming events include the Rochester Pridefest on July 21st, the J-Pride Shabbat service on July 28th, and a series of monthly Twin Cities Pride board meetings where you can observe firsthand the efforts Pride leaders are making to further the LGBTQIA community. This calendar is constantly being updated, so be sure to check the Twin Cities Pride website regularly in order to not miss any of the action!

If the Pride Festival inspired you to become more active in the LGBTQIA community as a volunteer, then check out OutFront Minnesota, one of the state’s premier organizations that supports the LGBTQIA community though volunteer services. Whether you’re interested in volunteering as an anti-violence advocate, a lobbying advocate, or an artistic advocate, OutFront has a place for you! The application process to volunteer is easy, and through your work you’ll be able to make a difference in your community all year long.

Activism goes hand-in-hand with education, which is where the our third resource comes in: the Twin Cities Pride Podcast. Each episode is hosted by different members of the LGBTQIA community, discussing a variety of topics within the themes of art, culture, education, and activism. You’ll be sure to learn something new with each new episode, so be sure to check out the podcast on their website in order to catch up on the most recent episodes!


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