Meet our new intern, Salisa Grant!

We are thrilled to welcome a new intern here at Minnesota NOW: Hamline University student Salisa Grant!  Salisa kindly offered to share a little about herself and her interest in feminism with our blog readers.


My name is Salisa Grant and I am the newest intern for Minnesota NOW! I am originally from Providence, Rhode Island but grew up in Duluth, MN and I’m a junior at Hamline University majoring in both Women’s Studies and English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minoring in Sociology.

As a first generation college student and a Black woman I am reminded everyday of just how lucky I am to be here at Hamline, in college, learning and growing every day. I know the sacrifices that were made for me by my foremothers and fore-grandmothers, as well as the sacrifices that continue to be made for me every day and I am extremely grateful for these.

I am a passionate poet as well as an advocate for many social justice issues such as race, gender, sexuality, socio-economic status, and ability among others. (Hence the majors, minor, and concentration.) These past three years at Hamline I have been able to explore my passions and find avenues and opportunities in which to apply the skills that I am continually gaining. I was the 2011 recipient of the George Henry Bridgman Poetry Prize for my poem I Wanna Be Fly, and I was named the 2011 Outstanding Sophomore by the Hedgeman Center for Student Diversity as well.

These opportunities include various conferences and summits on and off campus and around the country including the National Conference of Race and Ethnicity in Washington D.C., Hamline University’s Women’s Leadership Retreat (twice) etc., as well as a service learning trip to San Francisco focusing on LGBTQIA issues along with many other amazing opportunities. I have had three poems published in our Literary Journal: The Fulcrum, and have worked for three years in our Student Administrative Services office on campus. I am the Vice President of PRIDE Black Student Alliance and a Lead Team member of our Peer Education group on campus as well as a Lead New Student Mentor (orientation leader).

I am happiest when I am surrounded by family or friends, or somewhere reading a book that makes me think differently about the world. As the daughter of a single mother of three, I have seen the diverse and various difficulties that women go through in a racist, patriarchal, heteronormative society and I am dedicated to uplifting those that are oppressed and rehabilitating those that do the oppressing.

Every day I work to create the future that I want for myself and this world and this internship will allow me to continue to do this in new and exciting ways. I am excited to learn more about MN NOW, to grow in my advocacy and Feminism, and to contribute to the extremely important work that this organization does.

And we feel extremely lucky to have you on our team, Salisa!  Welcome!



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