What’s new with MN NOW?


You don’t need us to tell you that the campaigns for the job of Minnesota’s next governor are really heating up, with local races for the state House and Senate kicking into high gear too.  The Minnesota NOW Political Action Committee recently revised and updated our Candidate Questionnaire for 2010.  We urge all members and friends to send the questionnaire (it’s a handy-dandy PDF file) to the candidates you think Minnesota NOW should support.

Now to sort through all of those questionnaires in a timely manner, our office requires equipment worthy of the 21st century.  Our current computer and printer, having worked themselves literally to death, deserve a dignified retirement.  Watch this space for more information about our Technology Upgrade Campaign, a one-time fundraising drive that will enable us to save even MORE of your membership dollars as we convert Minnesota NOW to a more efficient, eco-friendly and streamlined information machine.

Speaking of efficiency, do we have your e-mail address?  We need it to send you up-to-date Action Alerts about what MN NOW and our partners are up to this summer.  For starters, our friends in the MN CAFE Coalition are dreaming up a show for the 2010 Fringe Festival called “How to Fight Like a Girl.”  Shows begin the first week of August, so again, watch this space!  Better yet, SEND US YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS!  You can reach us at info (at) mnnow.org.

For equality,

Shannon Drury

MN NOW President