ACTION ALERT! The truth behind “Positive Alternatives”!

You’ve heard about the separation of church and state.  How about the separation of fact and fiction?

Minnesota NOW applauds the investigation by the Minnesota Independent’s Andy Birkey in a new article about the repercussions of 2005’s Positive Alternatives Act that was posted today: “State pays for ‘misinformation’ about reproductive health.”

In his findings:

  • The St. Croix Valley Life Care Center  in Stillwater, which receives $295,751 each year in direct grants from the state, refuses to dispense birth control pills because they cause abortions
  • Health Resources Life Care Center in Fergus Falls receives $149,998 annually and similarly offers information on its website that states that “an abortion will occur” if a patient takes emergency contraception
  • The Northside Life Care Center in Minneapolis, which receives $124,980 in state funds annually, says that “Artificial methods of birth control … cause early abortions. We recommend natural family planning for those who are married and chastity for those who are not married”

As Birkey notes, “nearly every major medical association has said just the opposite.”  Birkey also quotes the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, who state: “Emergency contraception will not disrupt an established pregnancy. Women often are exposed to exogenous hormones in early pregnancy without adverse outcome. Some women undergoing assisted reproductive technology procedures to achieve pregnancy are routinely prescribed progesterone to support the pregnancy.”

Birthline, which is based in St. Cloud and receives $147,730 per year, says that abortion can increase the risk of breast cancer, a claim that was debunked by the American Cancer Society.

Click HERE to be linked to the Minnesota Legislature’s web page, where you can find the contact information of the people who represent you.  Let them know today that the Positive Alternatives Act of 2005 is absolutely, positively spreading false information to women about their reproductive health.  Demand that your legislators investigate the use of state funds for spreading religious, not scientific, views.


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