Happy Love Your Body Day!

In honor of today’s Love Your Body day, NOW has put together a quiz challenging what you may or may not know about body image.

NOW’s Love Your Body Quiz!

I only got a score of 70%….looks like I have some reading to do.

Pro-Choice Costume Party & Trivia Event!

…brought to you by the Minnesota Choice Coalition, of which Minnesota NOW is a proud founding member.

From their website:

You’ve heard of wearing your politics on your sleeve, but what about wearing your pro-choice politics on your entire body? Well, get excited because now you can do just that at the Minnesota Choice Coalition’s Pro-Choice Costume Party and Trivia Night at the Kitty Cat Klub on Thursday October 29th!

Now you’re probably thinking, “Whoa, that sounds really fun— but what should I wear?” Get creative! Get 27 of your friends together and come as a pack of birth control pills!Or grab a hula-hoop and a cape and come as everyone’s favorite super-hero, THE RING! Or maybe you’re more interested in sex education—come as something really scary: abstinence-only Annie!

(a brief Google search turned up this pre-made condom costume for those who aren’t crafty.)

Costumes are encouraged, but certainly not required—what’s more important is that you are there!

Here are the details:

Where: Kitty Cat Klub; 315 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis; http://www.kittycatklub.net/index.html

When: Thursday, October 29th; 6-8pm

Who: Any pro-choicers aged 21 and up

Why: Because the idea of losing our right to choose is terrifying!!! And because costumes are fun!

Cost: FREE! Happy hour drink specials from 6-7pm
Prizes will be awarded for best costume and highest trivia score. This is going to be a one-of-a-kind gathering, to be sure—hope to see you there!

Listen to Minnesota NOW President Shannon Drury….

…on local radio program Quick on the UpTake!  She spoke on October 9, 2009, about Minnesota NOW’s support for a recently passed amendment to the Defense Apropriations Bill that would bar military contractors from settling sexual assault, sexual harrassment, and other civil rights cases in binding (and secret) arbitration.

To listen, click this link: http://the-uptake.groups.theuptake.org/en/videogalleryView/id/2467/

To learn more about the amendment, why U.S. Sen. Al Franken introduced it, and what other Minnesota groups supported it: Franken Amendment to Support Victims of Sexual Assault Passes (Minnesota Independent)