The Right To Bare Legs?

So I ran across this piece on Huffington Post about Michelle Obama. It seems that our First Lady has taken it upon herself to — *gasp* — wear shorts! Obviously Huffington Post was concerned that this scandalous leg-baring may have horrified the American populous, posted a poll for their readers. Generously, it seems, 59% of HufPo readers said that the First Lady “Absolutely” had the right to wear shorts. 25% said that while her clothing choice was not ideal, the would survive provided she didn’t do it again. And 16% said it was simply inappropriate. 

Wow. By the way if you look at the shorts in question they cover a lot more than the shorts you see on your average physically fit woman. But more important, what is this, 1800? Good God, did we see her knees? Will the American public even handle the shock of knowing that the wife of their President is a woman with kneecaps and legs and everything? Oh I know, let’s post a poll and and make sure. And then, when a full 59% of readers say they’re not alarmed, let’s make it a headline.

How, in this day and age, can we questions a woman’s right to wear shorts?

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