Democrats For Life of America Boots Pro-Contraception Member

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) was, as he put it, booted from the anti-choice Democratic organization Democrats for Life of America. Why? He thought the movement should include acceptance of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies, thus reducing demand for abortion. This seems like a pretty valid point to me, but apparently such a scandalous position gets you kicked out of this group which Rep. Ryan recently described as a fringe group.

Yeah, something about saying that the only way to reduce abortion is to only use sex as a method of conception does seem just the tiniest bit fringe…

Seriously, I just read something saying that over 90% of women will use contraception at some point in their lives. Yet here we have a group of Democrats, supposedly the more liberal of the two parties, claiming that it’s not okay.

Interstingly you can read here about how young people use contraception at a much lower and less effective rate then those over 20. Hmm, but surely that doesn’t encourage them to seek, *gasp* abortions?!?!

Now I’m not with Rep. Ryan on the anti-choice position, but at least he’s actually using some logic. The same cannot be said of the group from which he was recently booted.


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