Health Care Reform, part I

Seen” The Insider”? (Russell Crowe, Al Pacino – tobacco industry whistleblower)

Watched “The Fog of War” (Robert McNamara admits much – fantastic film everyone should watch)

Remember all the news of Minnesota’s own Colleen Rowley?

Whistleblowers.  They are simultaneously brave, crazy, vital to democracy, dangerous to corporate privacy, protectors of fellow workers, and traitors…their role completely depends on your point of view and position.

Wendell Potter, the interviewee (see link below), is key to depening our understanding of the insurance company side of the current health care reform debate.

Please listen to his interview or read the transcript.  Then study up on the health care debate and the nitty-gritty details of each option. When you make your decision on what will help us get health care that really keeps our Nation HEALTHY (please be inclusive – think outside your own head, walls, and town), make some calls, write letters, and talk to each other.

“They Dump the Sick to Satisfy Investors”: Insurance Exec Turned Whistleblower Wendell Potter Speaks  (Source:

SUMMARY: As the debate over healthcare reform intensifies on Capitol Hill, we spend the hour with a former top insurance executive who’s now exposing the industry’s dirty secrets. Wendell Potter once served as …

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