Well I Wouldn’t Say I Worship Condoms…

Apparently the charming Leslee Unruh over at the National Abstinence Clearinghouse is going after us “condom worshipers” (i.e. anyone who believes in comprehensive sex education.) I’m not sure whether I’m more amused or horrified at this quote:

“We’ve got news for the condom worshipers, abstinence education is not going away any time soon. Taxpayers will not tolerate their money being used for ideological latex-only programs and the molestation of their children’s minds and future.”

I don’t even know where to begin… First of all as anyone who’s paying attention knows, it’s the abstinence movement that is based on ideology and not fact. Second last time I checked comprehensive sex ed wasn’t a cult devoted to the use of condoms but a program to inform young people about the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and STIs. It’s true, they do talk about condoms. And you know why? Condoms usually prevent both unwanted pregnancy and STIs. They also discuss other methods of birth control, as well as *gasp* abstinence as the only 100% effective way to avoid both pregnancy and infection.

And here’s why the federal government is now shying away from abstinence-only programs: THEY DON”T WORK. Studies have shown that graduate of a abstinence-only program still engage in sexual activities, they just engage in higher risk sexual activities because they are less familiar with birth control and STI prevention. Teenagers who have comprehensive sex ed classes, by contrast, tend to use protective methods when engaging in sexual activities. Like condoms. Which aren’t God, but do have a habit of keeping people from getting pregnant and infected with STIs.

So call me a condom worshiper if you want, but then can I call you a big fan of shotgun weddings, herpes and AIDS? How about part of the reason there are so many abortions?

At least the abstinence-only camp is starting to look like the desperate, overzealous fringe group they are…


One thought on “Well I Wouldn’t Say I Worship Condoms…

  1. If being grateful for the ability to make informed choices about my sexual health counts as condom worship, then count me in! I’ll set up an altar to Trojans tout de suite.


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