Newsweek’s Obsession With a ’50s Style Woman

I keep reading these crazy articles online at Newsweek and trying to keep myself from writing about them, but this is getting pretty silly. This week there’s a genius article about how brides are getting to sexual. Apparently this is linked to the fact that women are getting married at the advanced ages of (gasp!) 26 or 28. Somehow that doesn’t seem wildly old to me, and the fact that women are more self aware by the time they get married is actually reassuring considering the current divorce rates. 

I’m not going to dwell on this one much, but the idea that equality is a problem bothers me. “They saw their fiancés going out and having these nights where they were drinking, and thought, ‘It’s not fair that I’m in this stilted ritual where I have to act very feminine and proper while the guys are going out and having fun’.” is a quote included apparently to highlight the depths to which modern brides have sunk. I’m not personally into the whole having a giant party with lots of drinks and hookers the night before you get married, but to think that it’s only okay if the guy does it? Well, that’s crazy and entirely sexist. Nice one, Newsweek…


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