Letterman Update

Okay so as you can see from the previous post, I’m not defending David Letterman for his inappropriate jokes regarding Bristol and/or Willow Palin. But of course, the people who are covered by the media for defending the Palin girls are doing it for all the wrong reasons. 

Huffington Post has an article about the 15 hardcore Palinites trying to get David Letterman fired and their oh-so-genius remarks. Apparently the way to protect a young girl from sexist and statutory rape based humor is to attack the wife and 5-year-old son of the “humorist” who started it. Huh. Somehow I have trouble believing that saying Letterman has a “bastard son and a slut for a wife” is really helping to protect underage kids from slander…

I fully believe that Letterman’s attempts at humor were repulsive in this situation. But attacking his wife and child only makes the problem bigger. We have to stop making sexist attempts at humor or calling people sluts and bastards to get to their family. This is getting ridiculous and sickening.


One thought on “Letterman Update

  1. Agreed.

    I’d also like to see this much attention paid towards people who are speaking these words and actually believing these concepts.

    Hey, I am a believer that all living things have a right to life, so seeing Sarah Palin on the cover of magazines touting a gun is pretty offensive.

    Maybe if Ms. Palin got out of our faces for a while people would stop talking about her. Not condoning what was said, which was just plain stupid on Dave’s part, but what about all the negative things she’s said about people?

    I think the republicans of the world have bigger fish to fry, other than getting letterman fired.




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